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Upcoming Abortion Conference to be One-Sided Affair by Dr. Kevin J. Arsenault

After reading the presentation summaries found in the 46 page online program it is clear that this conference is not a typical academic conference at all: it is, in fact, a gathering of international academic abortion activists committed to further promoting the cultural and political acceptance of abortion. As I read the summaries, the presentations regard abortion exclusively as a woman’s personal right and a reproductive justice issue: the status and rights of unborn children are not mentioned. Nor is space provided for points of view other than that of those promoting and actively working to make abortions more accepted culturally, politically and medically.

Abortion Morality: Seeing The Whole Human Picture

To be ‘reductionist’ is to ‘reduce’ a complex issue to a false simplicity or to narrow one’s explanation of the issue to only one or a few of its parts. In light of this, and with all due respect, I’d like to comment on Malcolm Murray’s Letter to the Editor on July 3rd

To suggest that Darwinism is a sufficient definer of human morality is reductionist. There are three spheres of knowledge: scientific knowledge that deals with the material realm; philosophical knowledge for truths accessed by reason; and theological knowledge for that gained by faith and Revelation.


In response to the upcoming international Abortion conference “The Ultimate Revolution” at UPEI on August 7/8, PEI Right to Life would like to request your aid to “Blanket the Island with Prayer” – our most important response as an Island community.

What a turn-out! Interfaith Prayer-for-Life Service

An estimated 450+ people attended the Interfaith Prayer Service for Life at St Dunstan’s Basilica this past Monday evening, to pray in unity and with one Spirit for the protection of human life on PEI,

“Abortion Fails to Pass Morality Test”

Morality, philosophically and theologically, is not about someone being ‘good’ or ‘bad’. These are childish categories of moral thinking, and we rightfully move past such narrow confines as we mat

IsleAwards: Glorification of Abortion Not Award-Worthy

PEI Right to Life would like to protest the granting of the upcoming IsleAward to PRRO for it’s support of abortion on PEI. Abortion is a life-changing negative procedure for the woman and a life-ending procedure for the child.


In response to the latest pro-abortion-petition submitted by Dr Colleen MacQuarrie and friends to Premier Ghiz on May 28th, PEI Right to Life would like to support the voices of the Island majority in saying: “We DO NOT want

The Pro-Abortion Petition

It has just come to my attention the pro-abortion petition sent to your office by Dr Colleen MacQuarrie and friends, specifically Vicki Saporta who is ‘the’ American abortion-shaker-and-mover. For those ministers cc’d who have not seen the petition, I include the link here:

Point Proven

NAF abortion provider association wants to bring abortion-on-demand to PEI: “At clinics, women wouldn’t need a referral…” That’s abortion-on-demand provided by American big business and paid for by Canadian Medicare. What a sweet business deal

March for Life: Status Quo on Abortion Not Acceptable

Charlottetown, PE, Friday, 23 May 2014 – The PEI March for Life 2014 will begin on Sunday, 25th May, at 11:30 am at St Dunstan’s Basilica in procession to Province House. This March is a joint effort of the PEI Catholic Women’s League, the PEI Knights of Columbus and the PEI Right to Life Association

Abortion-on-Demand not a Legal Obligation of the PEI Government

PEI Right to Life would like to reiterate that there is no abortion law in Canada, and thus no legal obligation at present to provide abortion-on-demand. Provinces remain the determiner of what constitutes medical necessity, and the PEI government is under no obligation to provide non-medically necessary services.

RU-486: The Abortion Pill – The Human Pesticide

Please join Canadians in protesting the possible approval in Canada of Abortion Pill RU-486, aka Mifepristone, which blocks the woman’s progesterone so her uterine lining disintegrates, thus killing the child. It is usually followed by Misoprostol up to 3 days later, which then causes uterine contractions to expel the child from the womb.

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