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Sunday, May 29th @ 2:30 pm

We urge everyone to boldly stand up and march in support of LIFE. This year, the PEI MARCH FOR LIFE will take a different 2.5km route: beginning at 2:30pm at St. Pius X church,106 St. Peter’s Rd., Charlottetown and going down St. Peter’s Rd/ Longworth Ave/ Euston St/ University Ave to the legislature. You can join anywhere along the way, or if unable, please attend the RALLY at 3:20pm in front of Province House . Signs are provided, however feel free to make your own appropriate and compassionate signs supporting life. Together we can create a huge impact and awareness for pro-life, standing up against the governments’ and courts’ decisions on life issues over the past year. On behalf of the pre-born and vulnerable people, thank you for joining!

PEI Right To Life News

PEI Right to Life Response to Bill C-14

An act to amend the Criminal Code and to make related amendments to other Acts (medical assistance in dying) Let’s be clear, as an organization that respects life from fertilization to natural death, we reject any act that allows for a medical professional to legally cause, or assist to cause, his/her patient’s death. Although we don’t agree with it, this bill has been tabled in the House of Commons so a response is imperative. Three of our concerns are as follow:

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PEI Right to Life Youth Ambassador Team

We have lots to celebrate at PEI Right to Life! We are particularly excited to officially launch our PEI Right to Life Youth Ambassador Team (YAT). RTL YAT is a dynamic group of passionate and trained pro-lifers who are available to give presentations and workshops to... read more

Letter To Editor Of The Guardian – Abortion Access

On Thursday, March 31st, the Prince Edward Island government announced that it would provide abortions in a hospital setting on the island by the end of this calendar year. Already since the announcement we have heard sighs of relief from the prochoice contingency in the province, citing this decision as the end of the abortion debate at least on the island. But declaring the abortion debate as over is jumping the gun. Certainly legal decisions (ought to) have little to no effect on a people’s moral discussion, but are rather (in theory) the result of them. If those who welcome the province’s recent announcement expect the prolife group on the island to throw up their hands and call it a day, it only shows their complete and total lack of understanding of the prolife side of the argument. Moral debates are only over when there are none left to argue. And given the fact that the island currently has its fair share of prolife and prochoice proponents, the debate is far from over.

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International Women’s Day; Female Sex-Selective Abortion is Legal

Age, size, level of development, environment, dependency, ability…Does the humanity of the female change because of these things? No! They don’t change who we are after we’re born, so why would they change who we are before we’re born? Celebrating International Women’s Day, we fight for women’s equality, regardless of these factors.

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PEI Right To Life Press Release

Charlottetown, March 31st, 2016 – PEI Right to Life Association would like to make a statement in response to today’s press conference announcing that abortion will be available in a women’s reproductive health clinic on the Island. Our association is not in support of abortion access as it is the killing of the pre-born human child, however we are supportive of a health clinic so long as it seeks to provide education on reproductive health options other than abortion

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