Can a pro-lifer vote for a pro-abortion party?

 Recent letters and editorials have noted no major party has reduced the number of abortions in Canada in recent history, and that while Liberal, NDP and Green parties are pro-abortion, the Conservative party is assumed ‘pro-life’ only by acquiescent default, not by policy.

This appears to somehow ‘level’ the parties in the eyes of voters – they seem the ‘same’, if not in party platform, then in practical outcome. Circulating slogans like “Abortion is here to stay anyway,” and “We can’t turn back the clock,” add to the confusion: “If no party is going to protect the preborn child, then what difference does it make who I vote for?”

No matter how subtle the distinctions, the voting choices are not ‘equal’. The interplay of three criteria – a candidate’s personal stance, the party policy, and the willingness/freedom to vote pro-life in Parliament – indicates which candidate is most able to protect and promote a pro-life position.

Closely related is party intent: the Liberal 2012 Resolution’s intention to institutionalize abortion on PEI is different in degree, and in impact, from the no-change policy of the Conservatives.

Therefore, there ‘is’ a difference in practical outcome regarding abortion in this election.

Some propose that voting based on economic policies are a way to assist women and reduce abortions. Yet, the underpinnings of abortion are complex: marriage and family breakdown; sexual exploitation of women; changing sexual mores; ignorance of fertility awareness; progressively easier access to abortion, etc. Voting for a pro-abortion party while employing economic half-measures won’t protect Island children. Better to vote for those who will work for legislation protection for the preborn as the Supreme Court ruled in the Morgentaler case, and let the law teach the value and dignity of all human persons from conception through to natural death. Then let us, as churches, families and communities, ask the real question: “Why are there so many crisis pregnancies, and what can we do to change this?”

Not all election issues hold equal weight. Of highest priority, abortion pertains to the most fundamental human right – not the illusory and false ‘right to abortion’ that has no basis in human nature, Canadian law or the Charter– but the inalienable right of every created human person to continue to live. ‘Inalienable’ – the government does not bestow this right, and thus does not have the authority to take it away.

If any political party disrespects this foundation, disrespect for other human rights follow. These are already threatened in Canada – freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and religious freedom. Clearly, we have national political parties that will not allow their sitting or campaigning members to exercise these freedoms on abortion. Loyalty and obedience to the Party now supercedes conscience rights.

Let’s encourage Islanders in this election to vote, not based first upon promises of this or that program, nor upon longstanding party loyalties, but upon the most essential condition of the ‘common good’ – the protection of all inalienable human rights.


Holly Pierlot, President

PEI Right to Life Association

PEI Right To Life News

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