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Abortion Access: Polls or Principles (cf Guardian 13 Jan 2015)

I was reading the online Guardian article regarding the CRA poll claiming PEI is pro-choice. As I scrolled down and read the comments, I had to agree with Isaac William’s point that “Abortion access is not a matter of public opinion.” If it were, then the morals and laws and even abortion access of our society would become based on popular consensus, the heart of relativism. In the end, those who are most powerful, those who have the most money and can buy their desires, those who control the media, would be able to spin things to their own advantage, which by definition is ‘might makes right’.

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The Chemical Abortion Cocktail RU-486

IMPORTANT: For the “full” comment by PEI Right to Life not covered by the CBC this morning: “PEI Right to Life understands and agrees with Health Canada’s hesitation in granting approval for the abortion pill RU-486 – previous RU-486 drug... read more

Can We Not Find A “Better Way?

“Kill the fetus,” he shouted at us from the passenger side of the vehicle as we stood at the annual “Life Chain” last Sunday at the Cenotaph. People new to pro-life work believe that pro-abortion advocates don’t understand that the baby is ‘human’ or that abortion is... read more
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