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PEI LIFE CHAIN: Sunday October 25

Please Note: Event has been changed from October 18 until October 25

Now that the sanctity and protection of all human life is even more threatened on PEI due to the recent move to offer abortion-on-demand through the Moncton hospital, and through Health Canada’s recent approval of the Abortion Drug RU-486, there is even more need of standing and praying together as an Island Community.

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Sign Campaign Life Coalition Petition Now

**IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU SIGN AND SHARE THIS.** As you are aware, there is another push by pro-abortion advocates to bring abortion on demand to PEI, this time under the guise of follow-up care for drug-induced... read more

Abortion Access: Polls or Principles (cf Guardian 13 Jan 2015)

I was reading the online Guardian article regarding the CRA poll claiming PEI is pro-choice. As I scrolled down and read the comments, I had to agree with Isaac William’s point that “Abortion access is not a matter of public opinion.” If it were, then the morals and laws and even abortion access of our society would become based on popular consensus, the heart of relativism. In the end, those who are most powerful, those who have the most money and can buy their desires, those who control the media, would be able to spin things to their own advantage, which by definition is ‘might makes right’.

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