PEI Right to Life Association would like to make a statement regarding the AAN PEI’s abortion access lawsuit.  We’d like to restate that there is no constitutional right to abortion in Canada, and that the Supreme Court Morgentaler ruling actually recommended Parliament create laws to protect the rights of the pre-born child.

PEI RTL President Holly Pierlot states, ” It is within provinicial jurisdiction and in line with the Canada Health Act to determine which services are funded publicly and by what means.  In such a small province, travel for medical treatment is inevitable. But additionally, the province is required to fund only medically necessary services, and abortion is rarely that.  In fact, pro-choicers call it a ‘choice’, and the government is not required to fund merely elective proceedures either.”

Mrs Pierlot goes on to say, “To ignore the scientific and humanistic realities of the unique human person in the womb is merely blind and wishful thinking on the part of AAN PEI. There are two lives at stake here – the woman’s and the child’s. Pretending one doesn’t exist, or that one human life is disposable, is intellectually dishonest.”